Spirituality - Uchee Pines

Having been in the business of health education, application of lifestyle modification, and the use of natural remedies since 1970, we at Uchee Pines recognize that religion and spirituality have a major impact upon physical health.

In fact, there are thousands of research papers that have been written showing that one’s spirituality and religious experience, practices, and community have a positive impact upon one’s health and longevity and one’s recovery from disease and injury. Not only is spirituality and religion associated with healthier lifestyle choices, thus impacting health and longevity, but experiments have shown that spiritual exercises (prayer for example) can impact the health and recovery of individuals who are not aware that they are being prayed for. Research also shows that individuals who belong to a faith community and attend services at least 4 times monthly live 4-14 years longer than their counterparts.

As Seventh-day Adventist Christians, we believe that we must address the spiritual needs of individuals if we are going to permanently and positively impact their physical and mental problems. We believe that persons are not separate physical, spiritual, and mental compartments, but we believe that we function as a whole. To fail to address one’s spirituality is to fail to treat the whole of the individual and to miss much of what is underlying their physical complaints.

We also believe that the center of all spirituality is God, and that God is love. We believe that each individual needs love, and that God is the love that they need. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God to reveal Himself to mankind, so that we can know Him, love Him, and in our love for Him, obey Him. We believe that in a loving, obedient relationship with God, mankind finds his/her greatest joy and peace. We believe that the life we are living now is just a preparation for eternal life to come, and that God has a loving purpose in allowing us to face the trials we encounter. We believe that the absolute answers to our questions and needs can be found in the Bible, and hence, we have included Bible studies and (in time) other resources to bless you and encourage your spiritual life.

Please use these free resources liberally.