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Do More, Reach More
As a Medical Missionary

Reach Souls for Christ

Use health as an entering wedge to reach souls for Christ, through learning and applying lifestyle principles, natural remedies, efficient methods of growing food, cycles of health evangelism, and much more.

Training Programs

Lifestyle Educator

Six months of intensive instruction in preventive medicine, natural remedies and gospel evangelism designed to give individuals a better understanding of God’s methods for health ministry.
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Lifestyle Counselor

A one-year course designed to prepare those who have a burden to be medical missionaries of the highest order to function effectively in the care of the sick in a lifestyle center or mission station.
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Healthcare Provider Internship

Training for healthcare providers (physicians, physician assistants & nurse practitioners) in herbal remedies, massage, hydrotherapy, and other natural remedies, while at the same time providing spiritual development and practical skills.
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Lifestyle Counselor Internship

An internship designed to further train individuals who want to gain more experience working in a Lifestyle Center setting after completing a program similar or equivalent to the Lifestyle Counselor program.
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Expand Your Ministry Toolkit!

Younger or older, minister or layperson, you can expand your toolkit for God.
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