Counseling Sheet

9 Steps To a Healthy Heart

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

  1. Eat a good breakfast.
  2. Eliminate between-meal snacks.
  3. Remove empty and refined calories from the diet as much as possible.
    a. Eliminate or cut down drastically on all visible fats (Crisco, Mazola oil, margarine, usual salad dressings).
    b. Eliminate or reduce use of free sugar: Usual desserts (ice cream, candy, cake, pie), jams, or jellies. Common sweetened cereals or sugar on breakfast cereals (substitute raisins). Soft drinks or fruit drinks (may use fruit juices). Use cooked cereals for breakfast in preference to dry cereals.
    c. Use unrefined cereals. Use brown rice rather than white rice, whole wheat bread rather than white bread even though enriched. Use cooked cereals for breakfast in preference to dry cereals.
    d. Don't use any alcoholic beverages.
  4. Reduce drastically the intake of animal fats.
    a. Eliminate meats (fish may be an exception).
    b. Eliminate dairy fat (use skim milk or buttermilk in place of whole milk: use no cheese except skim milk cottage cheese; use no butter).
    c. Select proper spreads for bread and use these in small quantities only. Use some avocado, special margarine, or peanut butter in place of butter or regular margarine.
    d. Beware of all baking goods - most are high in fat and/or sugar.
    e. Eat only 2 eggs per week or none.
  5. Eat a light fruit supper or none at all.
  6. Get regular and moderate exercise.
  7. Get adequate rest, fresh air, sunshine, pure water.
  8. Have regular medical check-ups.
  9. Let the Lord do the worrying.

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