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This is one of the largest online sources of natural health information available. Uchee Pines Institute, through the contributions of Dr. Agatha Thrash and others, has collected scientific health and natural remedies information on hundreds of health topics. These Counseling Sheets provide you with a rich resource of information to use in your quest for health and healing.

The Counseling Sheets CD is available for $80.00 by calling 1-877-UCHEEPINES or 1-334-855-4764.

Note: The information contained in the counseling sheets is presented as a general educational and information guide. The counseling sheets are not intended to be used for instruction in medical treatment. The author cannot assume the medical or legal responsibility of having this information misinterpreted and considered as a prescription for any condition or any person.

For additional information on these and other topics, you can search Science/Health Abstracts by Phylis Austin. You will find much valuable information in these well-researched articles from the medical literature. For subscription information to Science/Health Abstracts contact: Phylis Austin. (Please: Do not contact Phylis with health or literature questions!)

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