Improving Health Conference

Improving Health Conference

The Improving Health Conference seeks to give individuals tools that they can use to prevent and/or treat various ailments with simple, natural means in their own homes. There is a strong focus on educating individuals in healthy lifestyle behaviors and promoting the adoption of those behaviors; training in the use of natural remedies such as hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, nutrition therapy, and others; and integrating biblical spirituality in the healing process. Overall, this seminar seeks to prepare you to be able to better meet your health needs and those of your friends and family with disease prevention and natural therapies.

March 22-25, 2023
This year’s hands-on classes
Natural Remedies • Herbs • Gardening • Microgreens
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Afternoon Hands-On Tracks

Choose from one of the hands-on tracks. (Please note that the track you choose will be the one you attend for the duration of the conference. Multiple tracks cannot be taken.)

Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy

Learn about simple home remedies like charcoal, aloe vera, ice massage, and more. Discover what’s in your kitchen that can help with pain and sickness!


More information to come.


More information to come.


More information to come.

Conference Fee

(including materials & handouts for only one track)

Adult (13 years old and older) - $100
Older child (8-12 years old) - $75
Younger child (7 years old and younger) - Free


Meals are non-refundable. Meal prices are per person per meal. Meals are plant-based with the occasional use of honey. If you have a food sensitivity, please contact us, and if you have a severe food allergy, providing your own meals is recommended. Meals are from Wednesday supper to Sunday lunch.

Individual Meals

**Deadline to register for meals is March 15**







*FREE for children 2 years old and younger.


Rates are per room/RV/tent, per night

Lifestyle Center – $86

Newer facility, WiFi, private bathrooms, toiletries, individual AC/heat, limited telephone services, on-site laundry (bring your own laundry detergent), common living room area, NO food storage space, NO FOOD ALLOWED in all rooms, 1 queen bed or 2 twin bed room options, direct outdoor access from each room, 2 rooms with handicapped-access showers, 2 rooms with oversized recliner chairs, exercise room. Room key deposit of $5.00 will be collected during on-site check-in.

1 husband & wife (1 queen) – $40
2 singles (share room 2 twins) – $50
Add a mattress on the floor for more people in the room (twin) – $20

Older facility, NO WiFi, smaller rooms, shared bathrooms, central AC/heat, toiletries, on-site laundry (bring your own laundry detergent), common living room area, shared refrigerator space, NO FOOD ALLOWED in all rooms, common dining room. Room key deposit of $5.00 in cash will be collected during on-site check-in.

Dorm Room– $25
A bed in either the women’s or men’s dorm. You may have one or more roommates and will be sharing a bathroom with others. Most dorm rooms contain two to three twin beds, and the bathroom is shared between two rooms.

RV Site– $15
Bring your own camper.

Tent Camping– $10
Access to bathroom/showers, bring your own tent.


NO TRANSPORTATION will be provided from one meeting location to another.

Special Seminar Lab Work Available

Important: Blood draw will be on Thursday morning at 6:00 am ONLY. If you cannot be available at that time, please DO NOT order lab work.

Full Blood Panel with Vitamin D – $225


  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    -Kidney Function Panel
    -Liver Function Panel
    -Basic Proteins
  • Lipid Panel
    -Total Cholesterol
    -HDL Cholesterol
    -LDL Cholesterol
  • Complete Blood Count (includes immune function)
  • Vitamin D
  • B12
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Sedimentation Rate
  • Insulin
  • Folate
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Uric Acid
  • Glucose
  • Iron Panel
  • Thyroid (TSH)

Lab work RESULTS will be reviewed and discussed during the “Understanding Lab Values” class on Sunday morning, including the significance of abnormal readings.

BLOOD DRAW is Thursday BEFORE BREAKFAST at 6 am. It is necessary to FAST (nothing but water) for the 12 hours before you get your blood drawn. Be sure to drink at least 2 cups of water 30 minutes before blood draw.

Treatments Available

All treatments will be done at our Lifestyle Center and are available as time and personnel allow. Payment for the treatment will be paid on site.

Facial Contrast (30 min) – $40
Infrared Sauna (45 min) – $70
Fomentation (30 min) – $60
Massage (60 min) – $75
Russian Steam (60 min) – $80

Note: Maximum of 2 treatments per person only. You will be missing classes/lectures during the treatment.

Consultation with Medical Provider

Schedule a personal consultation with one of our medical providers. Discuss in depth your blood results or any other medical concern that you may have. Cost $165

**Prices are subject to change without notice**



Pastor Steve Wohlberg
Speaker/Director of White Horse Media; host of White Horse Media’s “Bible
Talks with Steve Wohlberg” has authored over 40 books and has been a guest on over 500 radio and
television programs. He currently lives in Priest river, Idaho, with his wife Kristin and their two children,
Seth and Abigail. He considers it his highest privilege to be a husband, father, and Christian minister. He
has held inspirational seminars throughout America and overseas. His goal is to glorify His Savior Jesus
Christ, not himself.  

For many years he has conducted Bible Prophecy Seminars throughout North America and overseas in
connection with SDA churches, camp meetings, and conferences. He is a graduate of La Sierra College
(1892) and Andrews Seminary (1995). He has pastured SDA churches for 11 years (Central California,
Kansas-Nebraska and Dakota Conferences), served for 6 years as an Amazing Facts Evangelist (1991-
1998), and taught Bible classes at Weimar Academy (1986-1989). He was ordained in the Dakota
Conference (1991). As Speaker/Director of White Horse Media (2006-present), he strongly supports
church leadership. White Horse Media is a member of ASI.

Other Speakers to be announced.


In the Spring, it can be quite cool; in the Fall, it can be very warm. Plan to wear casual clothing for classes, and also bring some outdoor clothing for activity/exercise periods. Other items include: umbrella, notebook & pens, Bible, and flashlight.

Uchee Pines is located about 15 miles from Columbus, Georgia, in east central Alabama. Seale is our post office, not our location; so follow the map to Uchee Pines, not Seale. See the contact page for a map and the address for your GPS. Once you have registered for the seminar, we will send you a more detailed map to Uchee Pines. If problems do arise in finding us, call (334) 855-4764.

Uchee Pines and the surrounding county are on Eastern Time.

The seminars are not geared for children. Children coming with their parents must be under the supervision of an adult at all times, especially during meals. Children may not take part in the massage and hydrotherapy portions of the seminar. Because housing is in short supply, children will usually share a room with their parents.

For the Lifestyle Medicine and Natural Remedies Conference, registration is held on Sunday afternoon with supper served at 6 p.m., and the first meeting beginning at 7 p.m. that evening. The conference ends Thursday, with the evening meeting.

Though transportation to and from the airport or bus station isn’t provided by the Institute, there is a private shuttle service available to and from campus. Please contact our Lifestyle Center for details.