Health Emphasis Weekend

Uchee Pines Institute is known worldwide for its dynamic and informative health and wellness seminars. Since the early 1970s we have been successfully bringing our Health Emphasis Weekends to venues across the country. These events are tailored for your local church and are effective in both educating the members and providing a means of evangelism for your community. Our one-, two-, or three-day seminars offer much along the lines of health awareness, disease prevention, and instruction in natural remedies. These seminars are conducted by our Uchee Pines staff and Lifestyle Counselor or Lifestyle Educator trainees.


  • Seminar of Your Interest (ask us about options)
  • 8 Laws of Health
  • Diseases & Their Treatments
  • Simple Home Remedies with Demonstrations
  • Cooking School or a Community Health Expo*

To schedule an event for your church, or to find out more about our Health Emphasis Weekend programs, please call 1-334-855-4764 ext. 7029 (, or send an inquiry to: Uchee Pines Institute, 30 Uchee Pines Road, Seale, AL 36875

*Health Expos are conducted by our Education Department Staff and Lifestyle Educator trainees.

HEW Expenses:

Standard Fee: We request that a “free will” offering be taken and that we be permitted to sell books and materials at the events on Sunday.

Accommodations: We ask that your church/group will provide us with accommodations & food for the duration of the event.

Travel Expense: $0.50 per mile for travel expense (round-trip from Uchee Pines Institute) or expenses associated with air travel.