The MASTER'S Program - Uchee Pines

Uchee Pines Institute is developing a new training course called The MASTER’S Program. The Medical Missionary, Agriculture, Self-Supporting, True Education, Reformation and Spiritual Revival Program integrates industrial training with medical missionary training, and offers advanced courses for lay persons, healthcare professionals, and aspiring evangelists.

Our two main courses, the 12-month Lifestyle Educator (LE) Course and the 18-month Lifestyle Counselor (LC) Course, integrate industrial trades training with our strong medical missionary training. Some of the trades may include: restaurant management, retail store management, handyman services, landscaping, organic farming, herbal product development and distribution, carpentry, construction, auto mechanics, and others. (Trades offered vary with each term.) This program aims to give trainees skills that they can use to support themselves and their mission projects, while they serve the Lord and their fellow man through medical missionary work, while at the same time maintaining the focus of producing self-sacrificing missionaries.

Our courses offer a block schedule where trainees study (in addition to a daily chapel class) only one class at a time before moving on to the next class. This gives trainees the ability to concentrate on one subject, with one teacher, with one set of assignments, at one time, so that they can better understand and incorporate that subject into their lives. Classes also integrate trainee teaching as a means of deepening one’s understanding and application of the subject matter.

Classes are offered in 12, 4-week blocks, with classroom time (chapel class, and the one medical missionary class) occupying one half of the day, and industrial training/work occupying the other half of the day, and with dedicated time set apart for personal devotions and study. Trainees can enroll in any single block, or set of blocks, or can stay to complete all 12 blocks to receive their certificate.

Satisfactory completion of the class or course will be dependent upon the trainee’s acquisition and integration of knowledge from the classroom subjects, their character development, and their performance in their industrial trade.

In addition to the courses offered above, we are currently working on three separate advanced courses for our trainees.

The Lifestyle Practitioner (LP) Program, which is currently being piloted, seeks to give lay persons (who are hand-picked from those who have completed the LE and LC programs and who have at least 1 year of clinical experience in the Lifestyle Center) additional training in human physiology, pharmacology, emergency procedures, use and interpretation of diagnostic tests, as well as progressive experience in interviewing, examining, counseling, and directing the care of lifestyle guests. The intent is to train individuals with the skills of a practitioner, so that they can function as such in lifestyle centers or mission locations around the world.

The Healthcare Provider Internship (HP) Program will give healthcare providers (physicians, physician assistants & nurse practitioners) training in herbal remedies, massage, hydrotherapy, and other natural remedies, while at the same time providing spiritual development and industrial training. HP’s will be enrolled in the LC Course (with certain classes exempted), will participate in trades training as for other trainees, and will then have a progressive experience of shadowing our medical staff and managing the care of our lifestyle guests.

The Health Evangelist (HE) Program will prepare trainees to be both strong medical missionaries, and strong gospel evangelists. Trainees who have completed the LE course and the first 12-months of the LC course will be eligible to enroll in the HE Program. HE’s will intimately understand and apply the cycle of evangelism (revival, equipping, outreach, reaping, and nurture) on campus and in the surrounding communities, as they learn in the classroom and practice in the field. The intent is to train individuals with the skills of a medical missionary and that of an evangelist, so that they can lead teams of workers (medical missionaries, professionals, literature evangelists, Bible workers, etc.) in the cities or elsewhere in organized evangelism to the hurting people of this world.

Further into the future, we will be planning on an Agriculture Internship Program where individuals interested in learning how to conduct effective organic farming can come and learn from our team how to do so.

We are excited about the possibilities that the Lord is placing before us. We know that the time is short and we must move quickly and train as many people as possible to work in these last days of Earth’s history.

You can now complete MASTER’S Program (Trainee) Applications online!
View the Online Applications post for more information.