Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle as Treatment

Western society suffers from major lifestyle-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and many more.  And research indicates that about 90% of these lifestyle-related diseases could be prevented by following an optimal lifestyle.  But lifestyle is not just about prevention. Our own experience since 1970 is that lifestyle change is a powerful means of slowing, stopping, and reversing any number of medical conditions.

Treating Your Condition

Doctors Reading

To assist you in the process of lifestyle change, we have a dedicated staff of physicians and Lifestyle Counselors who can help you develop a specific lifestyle plan for your individual situation. Your Lifestyle Counselor will encourage, teach, and act as your personal therapist, while helping you implement the overall lifestyle modifications and assisting you with your customized lifestyle program.

We will also use simple, natural treatments (such as hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, herbs, and Christian counseling) to facilitate your healing process. Hydrotherapy has been recognized for thousands of years for its therapeutic properties. In Europe, where hydrotherapy is especially popular, numerous health spas and health facilities offering various types of water cures thrive. Using water as a remedy is one of the oldest, least expensive, and safest methods for treating many common ailments. While these methods are very effective in combating disease, they are also effective in prevention.

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Our program emphasizes NEWSTART principles in your pursuit of health:

Low-fat, plant-based
Consistent cardiovascular and resistance routines
Hydration & hydrotherapy treatments
Sunbathing and outdoor exercise
Avoiding the bad, using wisely the good
Fresh, outdoor, proper breathing
Sleep, stress recovery
Trust in God
The foundation of all lasting success

What Conditions Do We Serve?

Some guests come to our lifestyle center simply to learn how to live healthful lifestyles and prevent disease, but the majority of our guests have been suffering from various degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerotic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disorders, etc. We also accept guests with more advanced illnesses (such as late-stage cancer, advanced autoimmune disorders, and substance addictions, etc.), if they meet certain criteria. We are not equipped, however, to manage individuals with major psychiatric conditions or individuals requiring nursing home or hospital intensity care.

The Medical Component

Each guest’s lifestyle program is individualized and carried out under the direct supervision of one of our staff physicians. One from our medical team will meet with you at least twice weekly to monitor your progress, provide feedback, and make necessary changes in your program and medications. Frequently, guests are able to stop taking most or all of their medications with time. Our medical staff will help you decide what to stop/decrease and when. We rarely initiate drug therapy. One of the many positive comments that our guests make about the program is that they feel special and respected because the medical staff spends quality time with guests.

The Educational Component

At Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center, the healing process begins every 17 days for those wishing to make a lasting change. We have an ambitious program of health education, with health lectures that are given five days a week. And classes in simple remedies, healthful cooking, etc. help you continue your new lifestyle changes upon your return home. The special emphasis on Christian spirituality as well as fellowship with other guests motivates each individual to support each other, like members of a family, while achieving individual lifestyle goals.


Last, but definitely not least, there is a strong spiritual emphasis in our program. We believe in a loving God who desires the best for the children He has made. And we believe that health is a gift God desires to give each of us through our cooperation with His laws of health. Recognizing that He is the one who brings health and healing, we pray often with our guests, and seek to help guests see their worth, their health, and their hope in God. We see ourselves as simply a medium through which God can work to reach others with His heart of love and His healing power.

Two Ways to Serve You

Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center offers two levels of service:

LEVEL 1 is for people experiencing serious health problems. These guests will participate in the Educational and Medical Components described above.

LEVEL 2 guests are people who come because they realize they need a lifestyle change. They participate in the Educational Component but not the Medical.

Christians Caring For All

Uchee Pines Institute is directed and operated by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and our mission is to serve persons of all faiths, races, and nationalities, bringing to all the message of health and healing.  It is our pleasure to serve you and your family.