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Vaginal Douche

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

Preparatory Phase

Procedure Reason
Have patient void before beginning irrigation. A full bladder would prevent distention of vagina by solution.
Place patient in dorsal recumbent. To permit gravity to assist in allowing fluid to reach distal areas of vagina.
Drape patient. To prevent chilling and undue exposure.
Arrange irrigating receptacle at a level just above patient's hips. The higher the fluid source, the greater the pressure.

Performance Phase

Procedure Reason
Cleanse vulva by separating labia and allowing solution to flow over area. Materials found around vaginal meatus may be introduced into vagina and cervix.
Allow some solution to flow through tubing and out over nozzle to lubricate it and expel air. Moisture provides lubrication and less resistance when one surface moves against another.
Insert nozzle gently into vagina in a downward and backward direction. With the patient in a dorsal recumbent position, the natural anatomical position of the vagina is in the downward backward direction.
Rotate nozzle gently in the vagina during inflow to cleanse all the folds. All surfaces are irrigated when nozzle is rotated.
Clamp tubing when solution is almost all used; remove nozzle and permit patient to sit on bedpan for complete drainage. Gravity will assist in returning the flow.

Follow-up Phase

Procedure Reason
Wipe patient dry using cotton balls in a front-to-back direction. Drying the area prevents skin excoriation and promotes comfort.
Remove bedpan from patient and apply perineal pad.
Cleanse equipment with soap and water; disinfect; dry before being stored in a well-ventilated area. This will prolong life of equipment.


  1. Can or bag
  2. Sterile fluid (1000-4000 ml at 105°-110°F.)
  3. Tubing – sterile
  4. Nozzle – sterile
  5. Bedpan
  6. Plastic sheet
  7. Cotton balls to clean

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