Counseling Sheet

To My Kind Host or Hostess

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.

Preventive Medicine

I thank you for your invitation.

There is one thing that you may not know. For medical reasons my doctor has encouraged me to stick to my diet regularly and steadily. He says that food is my medicine. What I eat keeps me strong and gives me health. I solicit your help.

If you do not add certain items during cooking or food preparation, I can select a good meal from what you serve. I offer the following suggestions for food preparation of items that I can select:

  • Any vegetables—raw or cooked, without added sugar, salt, or fat.
  • Any legume—prepared simply without added fat, salt, or vinegar of any kind.
  • Salads—tossed salads or individual items such as a vegetable platter or vegetable sticks are easy to prepare. Just serve as side dishes any dressings or mayonnaise you would ordinarily put in the salad.
  • Tubers—baked or boiled potatoes as you like. Sauces, creams, and the like can be added by each guest.
  • Grain Products—you may use the whole grains, rice, or pasta. Leave off the salt, oil, shortening, or sugar.
  • Any fruit—raw or prepared without added sugar. These can be my desert.

I hope that you will understand. You and your other guests may eat as you desire. Remember, your friendship is more important to me than food.

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