Counseling Sheet

Role of Diet and Health in Preparing a People for Christ's Second Coming


COL 69 When the character of Christ is fully reproduced.

Rom. 12:1, 2 (Phillips) Act of intelligent worship.

CDF 457 Secure highest development of body, mind, and soul.


CDF 75 Gospel includes health in all its phases.

CDF 57 Part of true sanctification.

CDF 16, 69 Given in love to keep from disease and premature death.

DA 101 Essential for mental strength and spiritual insight.

6T 267 Breath of life for church members.

CDF 455 Prepare church to bring in many.

CDF 441 Prepare people for reception of message.

CDF 70 Impossible to discern sacred truth until wrong habits are given up.

CH 575 Spectacle to world and show far greater zeal for salvation of others.

CDF 27 World's object lesson of health and prosperity.


7T 59 The body can do nothing without the right hand - the health message.

CDF 150 Satan's strongest hold on man is through the appetite.

CDF 151 Temptations appealing to physical nature most effectual in corrupting and degrading mankind.

3T 561, 562 Indulgence of appetite was foundation of all sins of cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Through appetite Satan controlled the mind and the being.

MM 85 Indulgence of appetite is the greatest evil with which we have to contend.

CH 575 Men war against the truth by indulging wrong habits of eating and drinking, they take all the force from the message they bear.

CDF 73 Satan's success in degrading physical powers means the surrender to evil of the whole being.

Temperance 150 9/10 of wickedness of the children of today is due to intemperance in eating and drinking.

CDF 395 Main cause of the breakdown of mental powers is improper diet, irregular meals, and lack of physical exercise.

CDF 59 Controlling power of appetite - ruin of thousands. Victory over appetite - victory over all other temptations.


CDF 455, 456 A new element needed in work. Time for every member of church to engage in medical missionary work.

CDF 470 Every church a training center to help poor, care for sick, schools of health, cooking schools, Christian help work.

CDF 380, 381 Diet work that must be done before God's people can stand before Him a perfected people.

CDF 74 Develop self-mastery and freedom from depraving appetite.

CDF 451 Ministers become intelligent on health and educate, educate.

CDF 256 Physicians educate, educate, educate in food lines.

CDF 443 As we near the close of time, rise higher and still higher on questions of health presenting it in a more positive manner.

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