Counseling Sheet

Rationale for the Raw Diet

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

Because of the presence of enzymes in raw foods, some individuals feel they will benefit from using raw foods. Physiologists say, however, that the enzymes in raw foods are digested before they can be of any assistance to the individual who has eaten them. Nevertheless, the eating of raw foods does promote the production of enzymes within one's own gastrointestinal tract. In this way enzymes may be increased, but not from the raw fruits and vegetables themselves.

Grains and legumes should never be taken raw. There are toxic substances in both of them that are destroyed by heat. Sprouting may also eliminate most of these toxins.

Some individuals will lose weight better if they are placed on a raw diet.

Since both weight reduction and a low-protein diet are beneficial for malignancies, a raw diet may be used for a time in these individuals. Certain persons on a fasting routine may wish to break their fast with raw foods only as these may be more satisfying and easier to digest than cooked foods. Adult-onset diabetes, especially if overweight, may be controlled much better on a diet that includes a high percentage of raw foods.

Since it is more difficult to obtain a balanced diet entirely from raw foods, and some people find it very difficult to take in enough calories to maintain a proper weight, we do not generally advise a raw diet over long periods of time.

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