Counseling Sheet

Rationale for the Health Recovery Diet (HR Diet)

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

The health recovery diet is given to individuals who have symptoms of hypoglycemia, fatigue, allergies, headaches, depression, skin problems, digestive symptoms, and a host of other stressful disorders which are the product of modern society.

Caffeine is omitted from the diet because of the stimulation and tax on the pancreas. There has been a 300% increase in pancreatic cancer in the last century. We feel that the increased stress from concentrated foods, the poor chewing (which eliminates the beneficial effects of salivary amylase and causes a tax on the pancreas to produce that heavy enzyme), and the great increase in between-meals eating are among the causes of the great increase in cancer of the pancreas.

We are now having what is called a diabetes explosion in the United States. Because of the massive increase in refined carbohydrates and refined sugars, the American population is peculiarly susceptible to overweight, heart disease, arthritis, depression, polycythemia, and diabetes. The health recovery diet will assist in relief of these symptoms.

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