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Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

Nothing should be allowed to spoil the beauty of the home life. Neatness, cleanliness and order should characterize the home at all times. Children should not be allowed, in their exuberance, to make the home turbulent and noisy. They will be just as happy if they are educated to be quiet and respectful in the home.

Following are some interesting facts:

  • Loud noises can be fatal to a person with a heart or blood vessel disease. A normal person can be physiologically injured by continuous noise. Bowel function, heart rate, even blood sugar levels are adversely affected by noise.
  • The ears and the equilibrium can be seriously damaged by noise.
  • The nerves are weakened by continuous noise. Tension between husbands and wives has been shown to be related to continuous noise. Emotional outbursts in children are noise-induced. Neurotic, unhealthy, and less-productive people often live in much noise.
  • 80 decibels represent the level at which continuous or prolonged exposure to noise can result in hearing loss.
  • Normal conversation 60 db
  • Rush hour traffic and TV 80 db
  • Food blender 90 db
  • Subway 100 db
  • Shotgun blast 140 db
  • Jet airport 120 db

Authorities advise, concerning noise, that the best move is to country living. Next, have set periods of the day for using loud, motorized equipment, preferably when most of the family members are away from home; and third, keep the TV, players, and musical instruments quiet during most of the day.

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