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Low Back Pain

James Horsley, M.D.

Often a new case of low back pain or a recent flare-up of an old problem will be helped by the following positions and exercises done face down (except the last one) on a firm surface.

First, simply lie face down for 5-10 minutes.

Second, support your shoulders with your elbows on the surface under them. The waist sags as low as possible.

Third, from lying flat push up from the hands under the shoulders till the elbows are straight while the low back is sagging in a deep arched position. Do 10 cycles of going up and down. Do a session of repetitions at least once in the morning and once in the evening. In between, do more sessions if pain requires.

Later, when the pain has mainly cleared up (some days or weeks later) and only stiffness remains do some repetitions of pulling the knees to the chest, about 10 times, lying on your back. One or two daily sessions will help regain flexibility. If any of the former back pain is provoked, return to the sequence of three described above.

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