Counseling Sheet

Fasting Instructions

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

  • Fasting is a means of providing the body with physiological rest. We can derive the greatest good if we simultaneously supply the body with physical rest, sensory rest, mental rest, and emotional rest. Spend the greater part of the day reclining in bed, or elsewhere.
  • A short walk once or twice a day is permissible, and quite desirable. However, you should not engage in active physical exercise or work.
  • You will be provided with distilled water to drink. Drink only as much as thirst demands.
  • Do not take enemas or use laxatives. Let your colon rest during the fast. There is no danger in retaining a certain amount of waste matter in the colon throughout the length of the fast.
  • The colon was designed to store feces. If there is a need for a movement, your body will accomplish it without the influence of forcing measures.
  • Do not chew gum or take mints while fasting. The bad taste in your mouth is something that all fasters experience. Brush and gargle with water only several times a day, if necessary.
  • Do not take vitamins, minerals, or other supplements. Do not take drugs of any kind, including herbs.
  • Do not dissipate energy by prolonged washing or grooming. If you are too tired to bathe or shower, a sponge bath will suffice. Avoid cosmetics.
  • Keep warm at all times, but do not exclude fresh air from the room.
  • Prolonged and intense reading, socializing, or television viewing can be taxing to the faster and should be limited.
  • A sun and air bath once or twice a day is recommended. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon are the best times. It is always best to avoid the intense heat of the midday sun. No more than 30 minutes at a time should be allowed.
  • Do not be concerned if sleep is limited to several hours per night. Less sleep is required while fasting, because daily physiological expenditures are less.
  • Try to avoid harboring unwholesome thoughts and emotions while fasting as well. In other words, try to give your mental faculties a rest. The most important thing is to REST and CONSERVE ENERGY.

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