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How to Improve the Memory

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

  • Observe strict regularity in all things.
  • Never lie down after a meal. This promotes early senility.
  • Do not crowd too many things into a small amount of time. On the other hand, do not allow time to pass without profitably using it.
  • Country living with strict simplicity is most favorable to learning as well as to easy recall.
  • Keep all things orderly in your surroundings. Do not keep in your home more things than you are able to keep in perfect order. Do not have something on every desktop, table, or bookcase. Have much open space on walls, floors, yards, etc. Avoid clutter.
  • Eat nothing between meals or within several hours of going to bed. Intestinal fermentation produces toxins that injure the mind.
  • Use little fluids or liquid foods at meals.
  • Use few dishes or varieties of foods at a meal. Especially avoid harmful combinations such as milk-sugar-eggs mixtures, or fruit-vegetable mixtures.
  • Never overeat.
  • Keep a program of study of new things constantly going. The stretching of the mind to understand the Bible or to memorize portions of it represents the best single mental exercise.
  • Avoid excesses in all pleasurable sensations. Over-stimulation of these nerves sets up a condition causing forgetfulness.
  • Train the mind to dwell on heavenly themes. It is a law of the mind that it assumes the level of those things which occupy it.

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