Counseling Sheet

Food Sensitivity Diet

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

FAST: For the first two or three days, drink only water. You may get weak but stick to it; this is the most important part of the program in order for the rest of it to go well.

FIRST THREE MEALS: Choose your best or most favorite grain. Millet is very good, or barley, or rice, or rye. Do not use wheat, corn, or oats. Boil in water a minimum of three hours, or bake until it is nicely brown. Add your most favorite fruit, such as pears or apricots.

THIRD MEAL AND NEXT FEW MEALS: Choose a vegetable you know agrees with you, such as carrots, green peas, or okra. Add this to the grain which you have eaten previously. Change the fruit and the vegetable at each breakfast and lunch. Please refer to the "Elimination and Challenge" chart and choose from those foods on the list. For the next few meals, add foods slowly so you can tell whether these are agreeing with you.

DIARY: From the first day, keep a detailed diary so you can tell what is going on with the foods you have added. Let your body be the judge. Make a comment as to how you feel after an hour or so after each meal. If you add anything else, such as onions, spices, or any additives, jot it down.

Additional Comments: Millet or any of the grains may be boiled, baked, made into puffed cakes, or even bread. Drink plenty of water in between the meals as the simplicity of the diet may tend to be a bit constipating at first. Chew your food to a cream and take your time. Those foods that you cannot tolerate, make a note and avoid them.

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