Shortly after Uchee Pines was founded in 1970, the staff recognized not only a great need for educating people in lines of preventive medicine, but also sensed that people possessed an interest nearly equal to their need. Thus, a medical missionary school was established. But many do not have time to take full-length courses; for these we offer an alternative.

Held twice a year, this seminar is a mini lifestyle training program. During the seminar, attendees will be taught to take more responsibility for their health by teaching them how to prevent and treat disease using simple natural remedies.

From time to time, we conduct or host special seminars or sessions of various topics. Seminars on mental health, agriculture, and hydrotherapy are just a few of our past seminars. Check every now and then to find out if one is scheduled for the near future.

Just as the Simple Remedies and Preventive Medicine Seminar is for those who cannot take a full course in lifestyle training, a Health Emphasis Weekend is for those who cannot come to Uchee Pines for the seminar. Invite a team from Uchee Pines to conduct a weekend training program.
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