Program Cost - Uchee Pines

Arrive at Uchee Pines, meet the staff, get settled into your room, and begin an experience that can change your life. If you are coming as a lifestyle guest, you will also meet your Lifestyle Counselor who will be with you throughout your program toward health recovery and learning how to continue your lifestyle change once you return home. You will make new friends who will eat with you, sing with you, work with you, pray with you. You will wonder why you did not come sooner; you will be thankful you came at last.

Level 2 guests are those coming because they sense a need for a change, but as yet have developed no serious health problems, are encouraged to participate in this program now, before sickness strikes.

We routinely work with a wide variety of diseases that are common to our society. While God’s methods are very effective in combating disease, they are also effective in preventing disease. Come to Uchee Pines and never be the same again.

We are a team of Seventh-day Adventist Christian laypersons and physicians specializing in natural methods of healing for the uplifting of humanity. Our desire is that each person coming to Uchee Pines may have total health; health of body, soul, and mind. We also want them to go home and teach others the good things God has done for them here.

If you are interested in coming, please print and fill out the REGISTRATION FORM


  • Level 1: Lifestyle Guest (Medical) 17 day program – $5,000
  • Level 2: Lifestyle Guest (Non Medical, companion/educational) 17 day program – $2,265
  • Returning Level 1 (within 3 years) Lifestyle Guest 17 day program  – $4,500.00

DEPOSIT: A minimum deposit of $500 for all guests must accompany each application to secure a reservation. If cancellation of reservation is made at least 2 weeks prior to arrival date, then 90% of the deposit will be refunded. We accept personal checks, Visa, MC, & Discover.

BALANCE DUE: The remaining balance must be paid at the time of arrival. No installment plans are available.

ADDED CHARGES: will be required for additional lab, additional services, diagnostic services, pharmacy items & supplements, or emergency care.

FAMILY MEMBER: To help our guests continue their lifestyle changes at home, we encourage family members to attend.

INSURANCE: Our unique services are seldom reimbursed by third party payers. However, itemized statements covering lab work and physician services are made available for the purpose of your submitting claims to these payers. Any reimbursement will be made directly to you.


A Level 1 Guest receives:

  • Complete Physical Exam.
  • Blood Chemistry Profiles on admission and discharge if stay is longer than 2 weeks.
  • Consultations by our physicians.
  • Specific services for each lifestyle guest, which may include Water Therapy, Thermal Therapy, Exercise or Rub-downs.
  • Physician’s Medical Lectures
  • Natural Remedies and Cooking Classes.
  • Therapeutic diet and homelike lodging.
  • Lifestyle Counselor: Also your therapist and encourager, working closely with you so natural healing and health can occur just as rapidly and completely as possible.
  • Enjoyable educational & social activities.

A Level 2 Guest receives:

  • Physician’s Medical Lectures
  • Natural Remedies and Cooking Classes.
  • Vegan diet and homelike lodging.
  • Enjoyable educational & social activities.


You should bring:

  • Personal grooming items.
  • Seasonal clothing; from April through October, come prepared for mild to very hot weather; from November through March, mildly warm to very cold weather clothing is suggested.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Casual clothes for outdoor activities.
  • Bathrobe and slippers.
  • Current copies of your medical records.
  • Washer and dryer provided.