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Uchee Pines Institute is a nonprofit corporation, operating under the laws of the State of Alabama. Our facility has six semiprivate rooms (each with two twin-sized beds) and 14 private rooms (with queen-sized beds). All of the beds are Sleep Number® beds from Select Comfort. Each room has its own private bathroom.

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The lifestyle guests we accept are for the most part fully ambulatory and suffer from various degenerative diseases. We teach and use nutrition, graded exercise and various modalities such as hydrotherapy, including the use of heated whirlpool, fomentations, and Russian steam bath.

DSC_0126Each guest’s program is individualized and is carried out under the direct supervision of one of the physicians. Medical conferences are held with the entire staff two days a week, in which each guest’s case and progress are discussed at length. Each guest receives a consultation by the physician two days a week, and more often if needed.

Although most of our lifestyle guests are suffering from various chronic diseases such as arteriosclerotic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc., we also accept certain more acute and subacute cases as long as they do not require extensive nursing care and are ambulatory.

We find many of these lifestyle guests can be helped greatly by the application of diet therapy and the methods previously mentioned. We do not initiate drug therapy, and are often able to taper people off medications, although we do continue medications wherever there is a strong indication for them.

LSC Lecture1In addition, we have an extensive program of health education and preventive medicine orientation. Health lectures are given to the guests five days a week. We also offer demonstrations in healthful cooking as well as personal instruction and counseling in such areas as smoking cessation and the harmful effects of drugs.

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