You may choose to donate online to Uchee Pines through any of the following ways:

1.  Use your credit or debit card or Paypal account to donate directly to Uchee Pines

Or charge your card over the phone:
1-877-UCHEEPINES or 334-855-4781

2.  Donate to Uchee Pines through Network for Good
Donate to Uchee Pines using Network for Good

3.  Donate to Uchee Pines through Outpost Centers International
Donate to Uchee Pines through Outpost Centers International

4.  Donate by sending a check or money order

Make payable to:

Uchee Pines Institute
30 Uchee Pines Rd.
Seale, AL 36875

Your receipt and credit card will show the name of the non-profit you choose. Network for Good is a charity who specializes in assisting other non-profits with secure donations. Outpost Centers International (OCI) is a mission-oriented organization, of which Uchee Pines is a part. Both use secure connections to convey your donation to Uchee Pines and all charge a small fee to cover the transaction (which is also deductible).

Campus Needs

We currently have the following major projects that need to be funded:

  1. Video studio construction.
  2. The men’s and women’s trainee dorms need major interior and exterior repairs.
  3. Various major repairs for staff houses include:
    • Kitchen (one house)
    • Roofs
    • Porches
    • Most of interior (one house)
  4. The education building need major interior and exterior repairs.
  5. The chapel needs a new roof.
  6. The greenhouse needs a new cover. — COMPETE! Thank you!
[progpress title="Video Studio" goal="20000" current="2000" separator=" of " prefix="$"]

[progpress title="Men's and Women's Trainee Dorms" goal="31000" current="0" separator=" of " prefix="$"
[progpress title="Staff Housing" goal="86900" current="1000" separator=" of " prefix="$"]
[progpress title="Education Building" goal="28000" current="0" separator=" of " prefix="$"]
[progpress title="Chapel" goal="6000" current="0" separator=" of " prefix="$"]
[progpress title="Greenhouse -- COMPETE! Thank you!" goal="1000" current="1000" separator=" of " prefix="$" class="complete-bar"]

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