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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
— Matthew 6:21.

Where is your treasure? Is it on things of real value, or things that merely pass away without any positive, lasting value? Many sink $2.50 on coffee and an extra $10 eating out every day, and others spend hundreds of dollars every year on tasty, but unnecessary and unhealthy food. Their treasure is wrapped up in taste, comfort, and a little extravagance. Do you want a better treasure than that?

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Since the early 1970’s, tens of thousands of individuals have benefited from the ministry of Uchee Pines Institute. I have heard from and worked with individuals who were supposed to die whom are alive today because of God’s working through the health principles they learned and put into practice at Uchee Pines. Possibly less dramatic, but definitely more important, I know of individuals who have come to Uchee Pines and surrendered their lives to Christ and joyfully faced their last days in peace, knowing that they would spend eternity with their Lord. I know of others who have come as students and staff who have found eternal purpose and passion to reach the world with the message of God’s love and healing grace. Each of these found a Treasure of inestimable worth.

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To assist us in continuing this service to others we ask you to join the Planned Partnership Program. Planned Partners regularly contribute to Uchee Pines ministry, whether it is $1/day ($30/month), $5/day ($150/month), $10/day ($300/month), or more. Our Planned Partners believe that the services that are offered here, the services that many of them have been personally blessed with, are worth investing in so that others can be similarly benefitted. Becoming a Planned Partner helps us help others for good.

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How can you participate?

  1. Automatic Bill Pay. If you do any type of online banking, your bank almost always has a “Bill Pay” feature. Just add Uchee Pines as an automatic bill to your account. This bill can be set up to be paid monthly, semi-monthly, or any time frame you desire.
  2. PayPal. When you log in, put the amount of your donation in the blank, and click on the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” button.
  3. Paper checks. Each month you could send a check or you could write a number of postdated checks for 6-12 months and they would be cashed when they become due.
  4. Credit card payments. We can take credit card payments over the phone at any time.

Donate Now

The ability to reach a soul for eternity, to stop someone’s pain, to help reverse the disease process that is threatening to unravel their life, to assist students in learning how to help others come to freedom and find a lasting relationship with their Lord; this is worth much more than a daily coffee and a meal out on the road. Thank you for recognizing this, for choosing to deny yourself in order to help a soul, and for becoming a Planned Partner with Uchee Pines.

So, eat healthy, save money, sacrifice your wants, and invest what you save into a treasure that lasts. Help us accomplish our mission of Improving Health…One Choice At A Time!

— Dr. Mark Sandoval, President

Use your credit or debit card or Paypal account to donate directly to Uchee Pines:

…or charge your card over the phone:
1-877-UCHEEPINES or 334-855-4781.

(Maybe you’d like to donate to one of our Campus Needs, or to the Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund?)

Donate to Uchee Pines using Network for GoodDonate to Uchee Pines through Network for Good:

Donate to Uchee Pines through Outpost Centers InternationalDonate to Uchee Pines through Outpost Centers International:

Donate by sending a check or money order:

Make payable to:

Uchee Pines Institute
30 Uchee Pines Rd.
Seale, AL 36875

Your receipt and credit card will show the name of the non-profit you choose. Network for Good is a charity who specializes in assisting other non-profits with secure donations. Outpost Centers International (OCI) is a mission-oriented organization, of which Uchee Pines is a part. Both use secure connections to convey your donation to Uchee Pines and all charge a small fee to cover the transaction (which is also deductible).

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You may also want to contribute to our Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund, or towards one or more of our Campus Needs.