Uchee Pines Alumni - Uchee Pines

This Post is for Former Students and Staff Alumni; if you came as a Guest, this does not apply to you.

Uchee Pines is trying to reconstruct an alumni list for Staff and Trainees. As you probably know, the old Business Office building burned in 2014, and all the personnel and student files from 1970+ were destroyed. Even if they hadn’t been, Uchee Pines has not kept up with these names and addresses like we should have, and several computer crashes have not helped. What we’re looking for is:
-Names — your own, and anyone else who was part of the student or staff that you might know from previous years. Even if it seems like pretty recent (or ancient!), please help, as we don’t have current lists specific for alumni.
-Mailing addresses
-Phones (especially mobile) if possible
-Emails (very important!)
We’d like to have current contact info first, but it’d be nice to assemble a complete as possible list (even those who have passed away) for archival purposes.
Please Help, and please enlist friends also… Together we can do this!
The way to do it, is to go to www.postable.com/calthrash and fill out the form.
Thank you everyone!
Calvin Thrash