Curriculum - Uchee Pines

To train those that have a desire to serve the Lord in medical missionary lines by providing them with practical health evangelism tools and giving them a strong biblical and true scientific foundation for a lifetime of service.

To train health evangelists that can:

  • Become resources for the local Adventist churches as active church members that are effective in soul-winning
  • Be employed as medical missionaries and lifestyle coaches
  • Work with the Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT) training others to do health evangelism and mission work (
  • Work at any missionary institution affiliated with OCI


Health Expos
Learn how to conduct a health expo in your community as a powerful evangelistic tool to reach out to others, assess their needs and establish contacts and friendships that can lead to a saving relationship with our Savior.

Health Talks
Learn how to prepare brief health talks and to present them in a way that will be interesting and informative to the public.  Each student is required to give a health talk with visuals in their local church.

Vegetarian Cooking
Explore food combining, menu planning, vegetarian cooking, and the presentation of these to the public. Cooking schools are a very useful part of the comprehensive evangelistic cycle. They meet the felt needs of the people and at the same time provide opportunity to gain their confidence and establish friendships. Students are asked to give a cooking school in their local church.

Discover how to use simple water treatments for the prevention and treatment of common diseases and ailments. The class includes video footage that covers all treatments in a step-by-step manner and requires personal practice at home. A one-week intensive on-site course is also available (not required) at Wildwood or other LIGHT affiliated institutions (given that the Physiology, Massage and Hydrotherapy Classes have been successfully completed).

Study the basic concepts of Swedish massage and its healthful effects on the body. The class includes video footage that covers all techniques in a step-by-step manner and requires personal practice at home. A one-week intensive on-site course is also available (not required) at Wildwood or other LIGHT affiliated institutions (given that the Physiology, Massage and Hydrotherapy Classes have been successfully completed).

Ministry of Healing
Study the life of the great Physician as He mingled among men. Learn His methods of soul-winning as recorded in that beautiful masterpiece by Ellen White, “The Ministry of Healing.” Through a textual study of this book, you will learn to use the right arm of the gospel to reach all classes of people.

God’s Healing Program
This class surveys Heaven’s original program, how sin corrupted it, and how to get it back on track. Included will be distinguishing between true and false remedies from both revelation and science.

Applied Physiology
“A knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the basis of all educational effort.” This class will be focusing on understanding the human body and how it can be kept in an optimal condition so as to glorify God and clearly hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, and how to develop it for high physical, mental, and spiritual performance.

Learn about God’s purpose and design of foods as fuel for the body, study nutrients and how they are utilized in the body (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.). Learn how to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet.

Disease & Treatment
Overview of different diseases prevalent in society today — their causes, cures, and prevention. Diseases covered include AIDS, coronary artery disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, arthritis, gastritis, and cancer.

Insight into the use of natural herbs as preventatives and cures for various ailments, from the common cold to serious disorders. Study about the preservation and preparation of herbs.

Mental Health
A Christian perspective of psychology and the health mechanism of the mind. Learn effective interpersonal communication and how to resolve conflicts. Emphasis is on forgiveness, depression, and disorders resulting from malfunction of the brain.

Prophetic Guidance
An investigation on the role of the gift of prophecy as culminated in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis will be given on her role in the development of the SDA church, and the miracles that testify to her work.

Plan of Salvation
This course is designed to develop the true principles of Christ in the life of the students and prepare them to lead others to the Kingdom through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctuary Studies
The importance and uniqueness of the sanctuary message to the SDA church. This class includes studies on the role of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary and how it applies to the Christian life today.

Last Day Events
The Seventh-day Adventist Church was raised up to understand and expound the prophecies of special significance to the closing days of Earth’s history and how they fit in with the everlasting gospel.This class explores these prophecies and draws out lessons that will help us to be ready for Christ’s second coming. The students will also understand the special work that God would have them to accomplish by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The prophetic book of Daniel is one that every Seventh-day Adventist must understand. We are told that a revival will take place among God’s people when they prayerfully study and see the significance of this book. This class will discuss the significance of this book in the light of Christ’s second coming.

Christian Living
This class uses the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to reveal God’s plan for a happy, growing walk with Him and exposes the devices that Satan uses to weaken God’s people especially in these last days. Practical topics for study and discussion include: the prayer life, how to know God’s will, recreation, social life, music & worship, diet, dress, and stewardship.

Christian Home
A thorough discussion of the principle guidelines as revealed in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Christian Administration
Learn some of the principles in how God would have the leaders in his cause to conduct themselves and the organizations in which they minister. The students should see in every principle the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Self-Supporting Work
Catch the vision of Paul as an example of what laymen can accomplish for the gospel while working to support themselves financially. Study contemporary examples of this model in action.

True Education
Discuss God’s plan of education, see its preservation throughout history and contrast it with the world’s system of education. Discover the dynamic relationship of education and redemption, while illustrating means by which Christian principles may pervade every facet of education.

Philosophy of Missionary Work
Study the comprehensive blueprint of our calling as individuals and as a remnant people of how to strategically finish the work of God on this earth in this generation, and what the real understanding is of every church member being called to be a (medical) missionary.


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