Lifestyle Medicine and Natural Remedies Conference - Uchee Pines

March 22-26, 2020


The Lifestyle Medicine and Natural Remedies Conference seeks to give individuals tools that they can use to prevent and/or treat various ailments with simple, natural means in their own homes. There is a strong focus on educating individuals in healthy lifestyle behaviors and promoting the adoption of those behaviors; training in the use of natural remedies such as hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, nutrition therapy, and others; and integrating biblical spirituality in the healing process. Overall, this seminar seeks to prepare you to be able to better meet your health needs and those of your friends and family with disease prevention and natural therapies.

This year’s hands-on classes include:

Practical Herbalism • Natural Body Care Products • Natural Remedies • Healthful Cooking


Afternoon Hands-On Tracks

Choose from one of the four hands-on tracks. (Please note that the track you choose will be the one you attend for the duration of the conference. Multiple tracks cannot be taken.)


Natural Remedies

Learn about simple home remedies like charcoal, aloe vera, ice massage. Discover what’s in your kitchen that can help with pain and sickness!

Practical Herbalism: Using Herbs in Everyday Life

Often when we think of “medicinal herbs”, we might think of capsules or pills, but traditionally plants were just part of daily life. There are so many fun ways to use medicinal herbs that are both effective for health issues, as well as for daily relaxation, self care, culinary masterpieces and first aid. Join us as we learn to use herbs in more practical ways including medicinal teas, tinctures, liniments, salves, essential oils, natural house cleaners, bath and body products and more!

Healthful Cooking

This track is designed to help you learn basic plant-based recipes to help set a foundation for healthful cooking. Our instructors will help enhance your creativity with hands-on recipes that can be used in a variety of delicious meals. We will share simple, oil-free breakfast dishes, bread baking 101, lunch entrees and much more.


Cost for Hands-on Track (Including materials & handouts)
$75 per adult
$50 per participating child (8-12 years old)*
Free (children observing the track)*
*Children under the age of 15 cannot observe or participate in the afternoon Hydrotherapy Hands-On Track.


Conference Notebook

$30 per notebook (contains information about the conference as well as lecture handouts)



Meals are non-refundable. Meal prices are per person per meal.  Meals are plant-based with the occasional use of honey. If you have a food sensitivity, please contact us, and if you have a severe food allergy, providing your own meals is recommended. The first meal is Sunday supper and the last is Friday breakfast.






From Sunday supper to Friday Breakfast

5 Breakfasts
4 Lunches
5 Suppers

*Children under 3 years old eat free



Available housing is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing prices are per room per night.

Lifestyle Center – $70

Anvwodi –
1 single (own room twin bed) – $30
1 husband & wife (1 queen) – $40
2 singles (share room 2 twins) – $50
Add a mattress on the floor for more people in the room (twin) – $20

$25 (dorm room, staff housing)
$15 per night (RV Site)
$10 per night (primitive camping with access to bathroom/showers)


Anvwodi Guest Room – Older facility, smaller rooms, shared bathrooms, central AC/heat, toiletries, on-site laundry, common living room area.

Lifestyle Center Guest Room – New facility, private bathrooms, toiletries, individual AC/heat, free internet, limited telephone services, ice available, on-site laundry, common living room area, direct outdoor access from room, 2 rooms with handicapped-access showers, and 2 rooms with oversized recliner chairs, exercise room.

Dorm – A bed in either the women’s or men’s dorm. You may have one or more roommates and will be sharing a bathroom with others. Most dorm rooms contain two to three twin beds and bathroom is shared between two rooms.

Staff Housing Room – A room or bed in the home of one of our Staff. Size varies. Get to know one of the lovely families on campus.


Special Seminar Lab Work Available

Complete Blood Chemistry Test with Vitamin D $205.00


  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    -Kidney Function Panel
    -Liver Function Panel
    -Basic Proteins
  • Lipid Panel
    -Total Cholesterol
    -HDL Cholesterol
    -LDL Cholesterol
  • Complete Blood Count (includes immune function)
  • Vitamin D
  • B12
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Sedimentation Rate
  • Insulin
  • Folate
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Uric Acid
  • Glucose
  • Iron Panel
  • Thyroid (TSH)

Labwork RESULTS will be reviewed and discussed during the “Understanding Lab Values” class on Thursday morning, including the significance of abnormal readings. Labwork must be paid for before getting your blood drawn.

BLOOD DRAW is Monday BEFORE BREAKFAST at 6am. It is necessary to FAST (nothing but water) for the 12 hours before you get your blood drawn. Be sure to drink at least 2 cups of water before your blood is drawn in the morning.


Treatments Available

At the Lifestyle Center

Contrast Shower (45 min) $150
Facial Contrast (30 min) $40
Infrared Sauna (45 min) $70
Fomentations (30 min) $60
Massage (60 min) $75
Russian Steam (60 min) $80


Consultation with Medical Provider

Schedule a personal consultation with one of our medical providers. Discuss in depth your blood results or any other medical concern that you may have. Cost $165



  • Prices are subject to change without notice.




Thomas Jackson, Ph.D.
Dr. Jackson has a Ph.D. in Health Science (Preventative Medicine) and is a Christian Hygienic Practitioner, a Gospel-Health Evangelist, and Christian Health Educator with 25 plus years of experience. He with his wife, Dr. Laverne Jackson, founded M.E.E.T.

Adan Sanchez, M.D.
Adan Sanchez’ presence at Uchee Pines Institute is fulfillment of a lifelong dream of becoming a Missionary Doctor. His inspiration from a young age to serve God in this role was fired by the story of Adventist Medical Missionaries. The principle of service to others was deeply instilled in Dr. Sanchez, who was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist family. He was academically prepared at Montemorelos University School of Medicine in northern Mexico. However, in his last year of medical school the desire to engage in Preventive Medicine was awakened. He obtained his M.D. in 2013. After graduation his dream in part became a reality as he dedicated his time to serving the residents of several communities at a small clinic in rural Mexico.  The tremendous medical issues facing the patients fueled in him a desire to broaden his medical experience in Preventive Medicine to better serve people. This resulted in his migration to the USA to further his training. Through a series of appointments and divine intervention he joined the medical staff of Uchee Pines where he continues to engage in researching Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Missionary work. He enjoys the challenge of not only managing illnesses that plague our world, but also that of identifying their causes. He is most grateful to fulfill his life purpose at the Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center as he uses God’s plan to help others experience Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing.

Mark Sandoval, M.D.
Dr. Mark Sandoval obtained his doctorate in medicine (MD) from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and subsequently obtained his board certification in Emergency Medicine. While a missionary physician in Trinidad & Tobago, God gave him a passion for health education. He became involved in radio and TV health programming, development of health literature, and organizing health outreach around the island. At that time, he founded H.E.A.L.T.H. (Healing, Educating, and Advocating Lifestyles for Total Health) by the Book, a not-for- profit organization for the promotion of health through lifestyle education, the use of natural remedies, and emotional/spiritual well being; which continues to provide health screening and education in Trinidad & Tobago. Since 2012, he has served as physician and medical director of Uchee Pines Institute, in Seale, Alabama. And since October 2017, he has served as Assistant Director of the Health Ministries Department of the Gulf States Conference. He directs health education and promotion across Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle, as well as travels nationally and internationally sharing God’s messages of health and healing with the world. He is the father of six wonderful children, husband of one amazing wife, and adopted son of the God of love.

Valerie Schreiber, N.D., PDMT, L.C.
Valerie is a Lifestyle Counselor who spent over 20 years in patient care and teaching at Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, and continues to be a liaison teacher for our spring and fall seminars. In addition to this she also conducts health and natural remedies seminars around the country and works as a private health counselor.

Nicole Sousa, L.C.
Nicole Sousa has been at Uchee since 2009. She has been trained as a lifestyle educator and counselor, and has had experience in treating patients with illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Her passion for vegan cooking lead to overseeing the diet at the Uchee lifestyle center for two years until the Lord called her into another special area of ministry, motherhood. She has traveled to the Philippines, Mexico, and Jamaica teaching others about the Health message through lectures and cooking schools.

Ashwin Sukumaran, L.P.
Ashwin was studying Electrical Engineering Technology in Maryland when he felt the call to Medical Missionary Work. He was convinced that Medical Missionary Work is what God is going to use to put an end to all suffering by taking the Gospel to the world near the end of time.  After completing his degree, he embarked on a new pathway of study to seek Christ’s true method of healing and evangelism.  He began his training at Wildwood Health Retreat (now Butler Creek Health Education Center) where he had an encounter with Jesus, the Living Savior, who became his Best Friend. He then returned to Maryland and held Bible studies, training Medical Missionaries, while working as an EMT. In 2014, he came to Uchee Pines Institute to take the Lifestyle Counselor program and stayed on as a staff member, eventually studying Lifestyle Medicine under the mentorship of the physicians and becoming a Lifestyle Practitioner. He is currently serving on the Medical Staff as a Lifestyle Practitioner and spends his time preaching, teaching and helping lifestyle guests not only in Uchee Pines, but in various churches, institutions and communities domestically and internationally.  God has opened doors for him to reach out to the professional community as he spends much time training physicians and other health care professionals in Lifestyle Medicine.  Recently he has also taken up a position serving in ASI Southern Union as ASI VP of Gulf States Conference, where he finds more opportunity to help church members to get involved in ministry. Though each opportunity comes with painful trials and difficulties, Ashwin considers himself blessed to work alongside the Great Physician, seeing miracles every day, especially the miracles of healing in his own heart.  Ashwin’s heavy burden is to see God’s Remnant people take up Medical Missionary Work, which the Lord personally used to help Ashwin become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who finds all he needs is a deep and sincere relationship with Jesus.

Sonja Upham, N.D.
As a former medical missionary trainee of Uchee Pines Institute, Sonja Upham furthered her education in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition at the Global College of Natural Medicine. She then continued her studies, receiving her doctorate in Naturopathy at the International Institute of Original Medicine. As a Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant, Sonja shares her passion for helping others by providing classes and counseling for those interested in incorporating a more practical, wholistic lifestyle. A wholistic lifestyle is one that incorporates the entire person, physically, mentally and spiritually, addressing each aspect of the whole person.

Julie Hayek, Ph.D., N.D.

Dr. Julie has over 30 years in health education, naturopathic medicine and is an international speaker and author. Chosen as the professional of the year in naturopathic medicine by Cambridge who’s who in 2009 and 2010. Dr. Julie has a PhD, MBA, MSPH, BBA, is a master herbalist, myomassology, and Nationally certified. Dr Julie had a practice in Detroit Michigan for a number of years. Her presentations have been deemed practical and comprehensive focusing on the whole person (mind, body, soul). Dr. Julie is an energetic speaker, interactive and engaging with the learners (audience). She has written many books, manuals, and workbooks on various health topics. She has given boot camps, one-two minute health shots, and many seminars. She has been an instructor and professor at several colleges and universities for 13 years. Her foundational training has come from Heartland college and mainly Drs. Agatha and Calvin Thrash from Uchee Pines Institute. The Thrash’s have been counselors and mentors in areas of health and healing. They were like parents, guiding her in this work for God.

Shanice Saunders, L.C.

Bio coming soon

Ervin Davis, M.D.

Bio coming soon

Yukika Vincent

Bio coming soon