Seminars - Uchee Pines

Uchee Pines offers seminars to give you the tools you need to transform your health and life. Learn about herbs, hydrotherapy, healthy cooking, kitchen cabinet remedies, health conditions and their natural remedies, lifestyle factors that affect health, stress management and mind/body connections, spirituality and health, and much more.

Shortly after Uchee Pines was founded in 1970, the staff recognized not only a great need for educating people in lines of preventive medicine, but also sensed that people possessed an interest nearly equal to their need. Thus, a medical missionary school was established. But many do not have time to take full-length courses; for these we offer an alternative.

Simple Remedies and Preventive Medicine

Usually held during the last full week in March, this seminar helps you take hold of your own health and wellness by combining practical, lifestyle education, with spiritual renewal and hands-on training (possible hands-on topics include Hands-On Hydrotherapy, Making & Using Herbal Preparations, Agriculture, Plant-Based Cooking, etc.).

Special Seminars/Sessions

From time to time, we conduct or host special seminars or sessions of various topics. Seminars on mental health, agriculture, and hydrotherapy are just a few of our past seminars. Check every now and then to find out if one is scheduled for the near future.

Health Emphasis Weekend

Just as the Simple Remedies and Preventive Medicine Seminar is for those who cannot take a full course in lifestyle training, a Health Emphasis Weekend is for those who cannot come to Uchee Pines for the seminar. Invite a team from Uchee Pines to conduct a weekend training program.

Medical Missionary Camp Meeting

Join us in September for our Medical Missionary Camp Meeting, where alumni of Uchee Pines and others interested in medical missionary work are enlightened, inspired, and encouraged to carry forward medical missionary work in a dying world. Gain new insights and courage to carry forward this vital work in these last days of earth’s history.

Building for Eternity

It was once said, “The reason why the youth of the present age are not more religiously inclined is that their education is defective.” (E. G. White) Could it be that our methods of training and educating are actually leading our children into the world and away from God? What is true education? What is the purpose of training? What should we do differently? Come and learn the answers from God’s word and scientific research. Bring the whole family to experience hands-on practical methods of education.