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Every few weeks, news about the Zika virus outbreak pops back up. A recent news story stated that a child born in Costa Rica with microcephaly (small head) may have a Zika connection. As we move into summer, with its hot weather and mosquitos, the fear is that along with the mosquitos will come a fresh outbreak of Zika here in the U.S. All the agitation in the press might lead to an obvious question:

“Is Zika Really a Thing?”

Well, microcephaly is real, and Zika is real. The connection between the two may not be, however. Each story about a microcephaly baby contains words like, “may” or “possible,” simply because there is question as to whether the mosquitos and Zika are causing the microcephaly. To complicate matters, a group of doctors in Brazil have suggested that the malformations in children may not be connected to Zika at all, but rather to an insecticide that has been applied to water sources used for drinking and household use. The insecticide, pyriproxyfen, is a “growth inhibitor” of the developing mosquito larvae, which raises questions as to whether it may be a growth inhibitor in developing humans, as well.

At Uchee Pines, we have advocated prudent caution regarding health risks. While birth defects are commonly linked to chemical exposure, and that certainly could be a plausible explanation for the microcephaly, viruses certainly have a link to defects, as well. It would be prudent to use care to prevent excessive exposure to either the mosquitos or the insecticide. Mosquitos can be blocked or avoided with physical barriers and natural repellents, and water can be purified with activated charcoal or other filtering methods to remove chemical contamination. While hysteria is not called for, one should certainly be careful, especially while waiting for the verdict on the mosquito-borne virus.



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  • Debi

    says on:
    July 24, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    Good evening,
    I believe that the Holy Spirit has brought me to this site. It’s about a week since I contracted zika on a Caribbean island,and I had the whole enchilada of symptoms including full body rash which itched, but thank goodness subsided in two days. Still have very slight itching especially in palms. Common sense tells me I need to clean and build blood. Any herbal suggestions pl.
    I thank you. God bless you.

    • President

      says on:
      August 8, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      If you are in the Caribbean, fever grass (lemon grass) and soursop leaf tea can be good. If you have access to echinacea and goldenseal, that would be good too. You can also eat lots of garlic (5-15 cloves–not bulbs) daily, stay very well hydrated, eat only 2 meals daily, and get lots of rest. You can also follow suggestions on our Flu counseling sheet, which can be found at: God’s blessings!