Intensive Lifestyle Immersion Program - Uchee Pines

Uchee Pines Institute has two special sessions just for you. We know that the holidays tend to be a time of feasting and weight gain, but these times can also be a time of rededication and transformation. To promote rededication and transformation, we are offering two special sessions this holiday season.

5 Days

The first session is a 5-day Intensive Lifestyle Immersion Program, which will run December 17-22, 2017. The program begins Sunday evening at 7pm and ends Friday after lunch time. We will have special speakers and a special format for maximal educational and therapeutic benefit, so that you can face the holiday season and the years to come one a solid health platform, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

10 Days

The second session is a 10-day Intensive Lifestyle Immersion Program, which will run January 7-17, 2018. The new year, for many, is a time of rededication to healthier lifestyle behaviors and a loss of weight gained over the holiday season. This special 10-day session is designed to help you get on your feet physically, mentally, and spiritually. Start the new year with a new healthy beginning!

For You

So, if you know that you need extra help this holiday season, or if you are looking for a healthful and educational retreat for this holiday season; if you know something must change in your life or lifestyle or your health is going to drag you down; or if you already are struggling with lifestyle-related diseases, these sessions are for you.


Call for more information: 334-855-4764

Click here to see our regular 17-day session dates for 2018.