Online Course of Health Evangelism - Uchee Pines

The Online Course of Health Evangelism is offered in partnership with Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism, equivalent to their 6-month on-campus course. This course is designed to train lay members with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Online Course offers classes on video and audio which were recorded on campus during a whole semester. It also provides extensive research material, and assistance by email and telephone. Obtain hands on training by holding your own cooking classes, giving health talks at your local church, and participating in health expos.

  • Work as a Health Evangelist for a local church.
  • Work with a LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) Ministry around the world.
  • Teach in medical missionary schools.
  • Be a self employed health educator.
  • And so much more!

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