The MASTER'S Program Lifestyle Educator - Uchee Pines

Use health as an entering wedge to reach souls for Christ, through learning and applying lifestyle principles, natural remedies, efficient methods of growing food, cycles of health evangelism, and much more.

“Medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering. It is the pioneer work of the gospel. It is the gospel practiced, the compassion of Christ revealed.” (E. G. White)

Uchee Pines Institute offers medical missionary training programs to give you the knowledge and tools to help those who are suffering from disease and sickness of body and soul.

  1. Our training programs fit one for service and for life. If you’ve been looking for a Bible-based school, look no further.
  2. Effectively educate others on lifestyle changes and natural remedies in an effort to bring their lives into harmony with the laws of nature.
  3. Relieve human suffering and combat disease by using nature’s rational remedies.
  4. If you can’t come to our campus for training, check out our LEX Online Program.

Our Lifestyle Educator course provides one year of intensive instruction in preventive medicine, natural remedies, and gospel evangelism designed to give individuals a better understanding of God’s methods for health ministry. This is the classic Uchee Pines health evangelism course that has been such a blessing to so many.


Block System

Classes are offered in 12, 4-week blocks, with classroom time (chapel class, and the one medical missionary class) occupying one half of the day, and industrial training/work occupying the other half of the day, and with dedicated time set apart for personal devotions and study.

Trainees can register for whichever block they desire in the Lifestyle Educator Course or take the entire course!

Those who successfully complete the entire course will be dedicated, given a certificate, and be eligible to apply for the Lifestyle Counselor Course. For better understanding and a complete comprehension of the topics we encourage you to take the whole course starting in July of each year. We will provide inspirational “chapel classes” each morning when the trainees gather together to seek God’s will on different inspirational topics.

Program Cost

The total cost for any course is $7,500/year. This amount includes room, board, and tuition for their entire year of training.

If one is interested in coming for a block (4 weeks), the costs is $700.

Please refer to the MASTERS HANDBOOK for a complete list of the financial policy and work/study option.

Lifestyle Educator COURSE Block Classes and Dates
July 2019 – June 2020

Block 1 – July 1 – July 31
Upon this Rock (8 Hours)
Biblical Work Ethics (4 Hours)
Christian Standards (16 Hours)
Lifestyle Principles (52.5 Hours)
Lifestyle Disease (17.5 Hours)

Block 2 – July 29 – August 25
How to Study the Bible (4 hours)
Christian Standards in: Courtship, Marriage, Dress, Music (20 Hours)
Nutrition (70 Hours)

Block 3 – August 26 – September 22
Daniel & Revelation (16 Hours)
Hydrotherapy (52.5 Hours)
Massage (17.5 Hours)

Block 4 – September 23 – October 20
Daniel & Revelation (12 Hours)
Public Speaking (52.5 Hours)
Vital Signs
Herbs (17.5 Hours)
Biblical Communication (4 Hours)

Block 5 – October 21 – November 17
Stewardship (4 Hours)
Christian Finance & Business Principles (8 Hours)
Gardening (45.5 Hours)
First Aid (10.5 Hours)
Annual True Education Seminar (34 Hours)
Heavenly Lifestyle Seminar

Block 6 – November 18 – December 15
Steps to Christ for Morning Worship (16 Hours)
Canvassing Principles (63 Hours)
Canvassing Practicum (Practicum Length May Vary)

Block 7 – January 6 – February 2
Plan of Salvation (4 Hours)
The Ministry of Healing (8 Hours)
History of Self-supporting Work (4 Hours)
Principles of True Education (35 Hours)
Gospel Work (17.5 Hours)
Gardening (17.5 Hours)

Block 8 – February 3 – March 2
Law of Life (16 Hours)
Anatomy & Pathophysiology (70 Hours)

Block 9 – March 2 – March 29
Steps to Christ for Morning Worship (12 Hours)
Canvassing Practicum (52.5 Hours)
Annual Wellness Seminar (34 Hours)

Block 10 – March 30 – April 26
Prophetic Guidance (8 Hours)
Christian Home (4 Hours)
Principles of Mental Health (4 Hours)
Disease and Its Causes (17.5 Hours)
Sanctuary (35 Hours)
Gardening (17.5 Hours)

Block 11 – April 27 – May 24
A Call to Medical Evangelism (4 Hours)
LIGHT Mission Trip
Men & Women’s Health (17.5 Hours)

Block 12 – May 25 – June 10
Life Work (6 Hours)
LIGHT Mission Trip (from previous block continued)
Church History (17.5 Hours)
Gardening (7 Hours)

Dedication – June 10


Are you ready to apply?


You can now complete a MASTER’S Program (Trainee) Application online!
View the Online Applications post for more information.

Alternatively, you can fill out the MASTER’S Program Application. Send to or 30 Uchee Pines Rd. #31, Seale, AL 36875

Fax Number (for the Education Department): 334-855-4549.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Call 334-855-2903.

Application Fee

There are three ways to pay for your $50 application fee.

1. Pay online. Enter the information below. You will be taken to the Paypal website to complete the transaction.

Applicant Name:

2. Pay by phone. Call the business office at: 334-855-4764 ext. 7005

3. Write a check or money order in U.S. dollars, to “Uchee Pines Institute.” Place trainee name in the memo line. Then, mail it to the following address:

Attn: Education Department
Uchee Pines Institute
30 Uchee Pines Road #31
Seale, Alabama 36875