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Internship Program

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Experiences from Past Interns

Experience: Shantavia Gittens

There are many things I can say about my Uchee Pines experience, but here are a few things that stood out the most:

  • the friendliness of the staff,
  • the thoroughness of the physicians
  • the facility
  • the depth of the educational program

Uchee Pines has a very distinguished Lifestyle Center. It not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I came to Uchee Pines as an intern and was here for six months in the capacity of Lifestyle Counselor. Right away, as I met the staff and other students, a warm atmosphere and ready acceptance made me feel right at home.

I was very impressed with the medical staff at the Lifestyle Center. They addressed not only the physical and the mental, but also the spiritual needs of the lifestyle guests. They went beyond the call of duty in dedicating their time, even until the wee hours of the day. Where a guest was in need, someone was there, indeed.

Whether it was a physician or Lifestyle Counselor, all have been a blessing to me. Through my experience with the physicians, I learned new ways of reaching out, new aspects of counseling and more ways of pointing individuals to Christ as their Chief Physician.

The facility is immaculate. It affords efficiency, cleanliness, space, and best of all, a charming rural environment. I have seen guests blessed just by being in nature. So many are looking for a retreat, away from the hassle of everyday experiences city stresses. Uchee Pines is the place.

Finally, I have learned much. Having a lifestyle guest assigned to me was a blessing. I’ve learned new simple remedies, and had the opportunity to evaluate the causes of disease and the experiences of fellow Lifestyle Counselors. I will be sharing with people the things I have learned that they, too, can be blessed.

Uchee Pines staff and students, continue on doing what you are doing for the Lord!

Experience: Debbie Paul

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