The Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund - Uchee Pines


The Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund is designed to carry forward Dr. Agatha’s legacy of healing and health education locally and abroad. Dr. Agatha was a fearless, but gentle crusader for the use of natural remedies and lifestyle change in the treatment of many health conditions. With a rare blend of science and Spirit, she helped thousands of individuals experience healing. And thousands of others have learned how to use these simple means to treat others around the world. Practitioners, missionaries, pastors, lay people, physicians, nurses, and many more have been trained to use simple, natural means, which bring about supernatural results through God’s intervention. Individuals from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and beyond have been touched by the passion and compassion of Dr. Agatha. It is our commitment to continue and expand that legacy.

Donating to the Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund will assist us in this endeavor. To donate, click the PayPal link on our Donate page. Once you are redirected to PayPal, it will give you the option to enter a donation amount, and below that it will give the option for “Special Instructions for Donation.” Click on that link, and type, “The Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund” in the box. Then click “Donate Now. If you are donating via check or money order, please put “The Agatha Thrash Memorial Fund” in the “For” blank on the check.

Thank you so much for helping us to carry forward this blessed work.