Lifestyle Counselor (LC) - Uchee Pines
Prerequisite: Lifestyle Educator Program (Lifestyle Educator Extension cannot meet this prerequisite)
Duration: 12 months
Cost (includes Room and Board): $4,800.00
Begins each January and July

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Medical missionary work is a highly spiritual work and its goal is to point people to Jesus, the Great Physician. Uchee Pines Institute is ever looking for individuals that are spiritual, faithful, professional, committed, and diligent in service to be trained as medical missionaries.

The one-year Lifestyle Counselor program has been designed to that end–to fit men and women, young and old who have a burden for souls to be medical missionaries of the highest order, in the order of Heaven. The goal of the program is to prepare these individuals, called of God, to:

  • Effectively educate people on lifestyle changes and natural remedies in an effort to help them bring their lives into harmony with the laws of nature.
  • Relieve human suffering and combat disease by using nature’s rational remedies.
  • Share in Christ’s ministry of sacrificial service and work to the eternal salvation of those for whom He labors.

classThis program is very demanding and consists of two 6-month phases. The first 6-month phase involves classroom instruction in the morning and practical work experience in the afternoon. For the first three months, trainees spend their afternoons gaining work experience in the following departments: kitchen, housekeeping, office, farm and grounds. In the last three months, practical work experience involves shadowing an experienced Lifestyle Counselor engaged in full-time guest care and management. This experience will prepare them for the 6-month practicum phase of the program.

The strength and uniqueness of this training program comes in the 6-month practicum phase when a Lifestyle Counselor is responsible for full-time guest care and management with direct interaction between them, medical staff and sanitarium guests.

Under the direction of the medical staff, the Lifestyle Counselor assists with guest diagnosis and management. They perform history taking and physical examination, suggest a course of treatment, and administer appropriate treatments that include nutritional and herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, massage and others. Basically, they are responsible for the individual care of guests assigned to them.

guestsMoreover, counselors on scheduled days, usually Mondays and Thursdays, during a session attend and participate in medical conference in the morning with the medical staff. There they present guest concerns and make recommendations on a course of treatment. In the afternoon, they accompany their guest(s) to their doctor’s visit. These sessions both in the morning and afternoon afford wonderful learning opportunities and provide continuing education for our counselors.

On the education side of things, counselors give lectures on topics like nutrition, exercise, shopping tips, simple natural remedies, and stress management to our guests. Also, they give hands-on classes to our guests like cooking demonstrations, exercise, gardening and the use of simple natural remedies like hydrotherapy and poultices. In addition, in their daily one on one interaction with their assigned guest(s), counselors are given opportunities to further educate and counsel on lifestyle principles and natural remedies, and if welcomed, they may also educate and counsel on religious matters.

Other duties include phlebotomy, auto-calving surgical instruments, performing simple diagnostic tests like urine analysis, heavy metal testing, and the preparation of herbal concoctions like tinctures, teas and salves.



  Class Description Hours
1. Christian Ethics This class is designed to help the counselor understand the principles of Biblical ethics. This should help them to develop their own guidelines within the framework of the gospel, as well as how to apply them in a professional setting to aid in the interaction with guests and other individuals wherever we are, and especially in the Lifestyle Center. 8
2. Hydrotherapy Practicum The practice of water treatments to become proficient in their administration. Also to become acquainted with the equipment used in an institutional facility. 44
3. Swedish and Therapeutic Massage This class is designed to prepare and educate the Lifestyle Counselor in the art of massage to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problems like rotator cuff pain. 66
4. Common Diseases This class provides a working knowledge of disease processes, and the traditional and natural approach to treatment. 22
5. Herbal Remedies The study of and use of medicinal herbs in various forms (salves, tinctures, infusions, poultices etc.) for specific lifestyle diseases. 22
6. Medical Conference This conference with the medical staff provides counselors with a wonderful opportunity to learn natural strategies to be used for specific disease conditions. 40
7. Medical Terminology Provides the counselor with the knowledge and proficiency of medical terms used in the medical profession. 22
8. Patient Diagnosis and Management Training on how to perform physical examination and history taking. 44
9. Therapeutic Nutrition Provide an understanding of food, its components and relationship to health and disease. Particular attention is given to different diets and their role in the recuperation of individuals from various conditions. 12
10. Clinical Practicum Practical full-time guest care and management under the direction of medical staff plus educating guests on lifestyle principles 6 Months
11. Health Center Orientation Counselor is acquainted with the unique procedures and policies of the lifestyle center. 30
12. Medical Ministry This class gives a deeper understanding of medical missionary work. By uniting with the Great Physician and following his methods, we too, will have success. 22
13. Phlebotomy This class provides instruction on the performance of venipuncture. 22
14. Physiology of Hydrotherapy This class provides an understanding of the mechanisms behind water treatments used to treat disease. 22
15. Biblical Counseling The class is designed to give the Lifestyle Counselor skills in identifying and addressing key spiritual/emotional issues. 16
16. Christ’s Methods Counselors learn by Christ’s example on how to come in contact with and interact with guests to affect positive changes spiritually, mentally and physically. 8


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Applicant Policy

We welcome applicants regardless of race, color, or national origin whose principles are in harmony with the ideals and traditions of the institute as expressed in its objectives and policies.