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Theories abound in regard to the best practices for raising and educating children. But, what if today’s most common practices are actually doing our children more harm than good? Can we even know what methods actually work best? Most importantly, what is the spiritual impact of our educational and child-rearing practices? Join us  November 1-5, 2017, and begin building for eternity.

Building for Eternity Education Seminar is for the whole family. With a combination of lectures and hands-on practical learning it’s an experience all ages will enjoy.

  • How do you teach children about health?
  • Can you really learn Math from the Bible?
  • Is Music education even important?
  • Have you discovered the Gospel in Science?
  • How do you make History, Geography, and Prophecy interesting?
  • Would you like to learn how spelling and language teach about the Word that was made flesh?

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Featured Presenters

Scott Ritsema
Scott Ritsema is an educator, writer, and speaker with a passion for present truth. Scott recently left the teaching profession to pursue full-time ministry, and he currently presents seminar material to churches and other gatherings on topics such as media, parenting, education, and sexuality. His seminars, as well as his ministry, Belt of Truth Ministries, have recently been featured at a number of GYC and ASI conventions, as well as satellite TV and radio – both inside and outside the church. Scott lives in Michigan with his wife, Cami, and two boys, Levi and Silas.

Teresa Kodimer
Confronted with a parent/teacher meeting at her son’s elementary school and with the thought that she needed to have something to share, Teresa pulled down a little book from her bookcase and began to read. Less than 2 hours later she closed the book, Studies in Christian Education, by E. A. Sutherland, having read the entire thing. From that day on, her whole perspective on education changed. That was over 20 years ago. Since then, Teresa has continued her research of education and has been involved in directly helping families understand their responsibility in training their children for Eternity.

Kimberly Kodimer
Young and rebellious, the last thing Kimberly thought she would ever do was devote her life to God’s work. Every day was a battle in the homeschool, until God stopped her in her tracks and she finally made that total surrender at the age of 13. In 2003 she undertook a 3-year apprenticeship at SonLight Education Ministry, furthering her training in writing, publishing, public speaking, and other educational lines. After serving at SonLight for nearly 8 years, God called her to utilize her skills at Uchee Pines Institute. Here Kimberly serves on both the Seminar and Education Committees, and manages the Print Shop–publishing abroad the gospel of health to thousands. As a writer, editor and international speaker she has a passion to see families thrive and young people reach their full potential in Christ.

Kristina McFeeters
Passionate about evangelism, Kristina has been a literature evangelist/instructor, Bible worker, speaker, homeschool mentor, Sabbath school teacher, and youth mentor. She was homeschooled through high school, and studied Personal Ministries at Ouachita Hills College. Growing up, her hobbies included cooking/baking, exploring in nature, music, and computers. Currently, she is putting those hobbies to work! She and her husband are “tentmaking” missionaries in an Appalachian community in Eastern Kentucky. Kristina opened Kristina’s Kitchen, a bakery, restaurant, and health food store as a mission outpost in their community. She also helps her husband, who is a laypastor of two churches in the Kentucky-Tennessee conference. In her seminars, she enjoys doing deep Bible study through the world of nature, and never tires of sharing her love for evangelism.

Joshua White
Author, speaker, and child development researcher, Joshua is the director of A Thinking Generation Ministries. Through his extensive research in early child development and education, Joshua has discovered that the education of our young people for God’s Kingdom, and the raising up of a generation to finish the work, must begin in the child’s earliest years. In his seminars, Joshua uses the latest brain science and education research to pull back the veil on Satan’s attacks on our children, and to clearly reveal God’s methods of training and educating.

Seminar Location

Uchee Pines Institute, 30 Uchee Pines Rd., Seale, AL 36875-5726

Seminar Cost

Seminar Fee: $30


There are several options (Prices are per night):

  • Anvwodi Guest Room $30 – Older facility, smaller rooms (2 twin beds or 1 queen, bedding provided), shared bathrooms, central AC/heat, toiletries, on-site laundry, common living room area
  • Room in staff home $25 – You will be a guest in one of our staff’s home. Bring sleeping bag and personal belongings
  • Bed in dorm room for single man/woman $15 – Room is shared with other occupants in campus dorm. Shared bathroom. Bring sleeping bag, bath towel, personal belongings
  • RV hookup $18 – There are only 3 spots with full hookup
  • Tent (per family) $10 – Lots of areas for tents

Meals per day

  • Breakfast $7
  • Lunch $7
  • Supper $4.50

* Transportation not included.
* All accounts should be paid in full at check-in.
* Available housing is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. There are motels in the area (Days Inn, ML King, Jr. Parkway is the closest), which offer very reasonable rates. It is assumed that children will be sharing a room with their parents.
* Payable by check, credit card, money order, or pay-pal.
* Phone cards are available at the Payment Window or Business Office of the Lifestyle Center.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us for more information, to register.

Please fill out the Education registration form and return to us either through email ( or regular mail.

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