Farm - Uchee Pines

Uchee Pines Institute maintains a chemical-free farm and orchard which offers a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. The farm provides food for our Lifestyle Center, staff, and students, and is sold at Country Life Restaurant and Natural Health Foods Store, in Columbus, Georgia.

PHONE: 334-614-2379

GARDENING IS AN EDUCATION most favorable to character development, teaching innumerable lessons of love, power, submission and perseverance.

OUR GOAL is to instill a love for agriculture that will encourage:

  • a care for the land and
  • the nobility of practical skill.

Specific activities vary with the season but may include:

  • Preparing the soil
  • Planting seeds
  • Greenhouse Culture
  • Cultivating plants
  • Weed and insect control
  • Harvesting produce


  • How healthy food is grown
  • The wonders of life in the soil
  • The joy & satisfaction of gardening
  • How to protect the land and build healthy soil

PARENTS ARE WELCOME! We would encourage parents or guardians to accompany children.

A donation box is provided for those who would like to make a donation.

Choose clothing that will cover the limbs. We will be in the fields where plants tend to scratch bare skin. Hat and gloves may be helpful.