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Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

Useful in all types of pain to stimulate circulation, to decrease inflammation particularly in joints and muscles, to bring sedation, to treat local or systemic infections such as pneumonia, pyelonephritis, bronchitis, influenza, colds, abscesses, or diseases of the digestive tract.


  • 4 Fomentation packs 12″ x 32″ (4 thicknesses of toweling—best material 50% wool, 50% cotton)
  • 4 Fomentation covers (36″ x 36″ – blanket material)
  • Towels, washcloth in cool water to sponge face, large basin of hot water for foot bath, plastic sheet to protect bed, canning kettle to heat packs


  • Set of 3-4 fomentations 5 minutes each
  • Cold application between each fomentation 30 seconds each
  • Begin with heat and end with cold
  • Use cool sponging for face and cold compress to forehead
  • Simultaneous hot foot bath
  • Avoid incomplete reactions by keeping person warm and resting after treatment.


  • Influenza, colds, headache, sinusitis, local inflammation of feet, pain, pelvic congestion.
  • Materials: Foot tub or container large enough to submerge both feet above the ankles, cold compress, towel, sheet and blanket, pitcher, check original material.

Influenza, colds, muscle pain, pain and spasm in arthritis, stiffness, fatigue, viral infections.

Congestive headaches, sprains, strains, trauma, poor circulation, skin ulcers, infections (2-6 x per day to stimulate local defenses against infection), osteoarthritis, congestion.


  • Throat—sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis
  • Chest—chest colds, pneumonia, cough
  • Safety precautions when using heat
  • Avoid heat to the area that has decreased sensation or markedly decreased circulation to the area: diabetics, paralyzed, unconscious persons, peripheral vascular disease, bleeding (unless used very hot).
  • Use milder treatments to the young or aged.
  • Avoid incomplete reactions by keeping person warm and resting after treatment.

HERBS and their uses

  • Aloe Vera —internally—peptic ulcers, colitis —externally—burns, dermatitis
  • Buchu—cystitis, urinary tract infections, diuresis
  • Catnip—sleep, nausea, colic, diarrhea, nervousness
  • Chamomile—indigestion, gas, fever, to increase appetite, colic
  • Goldenseal—healing to mucous membranes, fever blisters, colitis, infections on skin
  • Hops—sedative, sleep
  • Mint—nausea, slight stimulus
  • Mullein—cough, chest problems
  • Red Clover—tonic, menopause
  • Red Raspberry—pregnancy, menopause
  • Slippery Elm—cough, colds, soothe stomach
  • Comfrey—externally—skin ulcers, burns, bruises, moisturizing and cleansing to skin

CHARCOAL and its uses

  • To reduce inflammation, to absorb poisons
  • Internally—sores in mouth, gum infections, sore throat, gas, indigestion, ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, poisonings, infections—vaginal, kidney, and liver
  • Externally—impetigo, dermatitis, lacerations, insect and snake bites, eye infections, pain


  • 3 T flaxseed or 2 T cornstarch. Mix, bring to a boil long enough to thicken.
  • 1 T charcoal
  • 1 c water

Slurry water: 

  • 1 T charcoal, allow to settle
  • 4 c water

Use the clear top water for drinking

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