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Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
Preventive Medicine

Essential tremor may develop in mid to late life and last for years. About 5% of people with it have close relatives who have been affected. It is different from the ordinary muscle tremors that accompany aging in that they are more noticeable, more disabling, and more regular. They occur when you try to do things such as use a fork, or talk to someone, or when you become nervous. There is no known cause. The hand, head, or voice may be involved in essential tremor. It is not related to Parkinson’s disease.

Cooling the muscles of the forearm can help essential tremor. Warming the limb in normal subjects produces an increase in tremor level. Cooling of the extremity involved in the essential tremor may be a useful maneuver for patients who wish to reduce their tremor temporarily in order to improve dexterity.

Exercising the extremity or extremities involved in the tremor can greatly reduce the tremor in some individuals. The exercise must be effective to strengthen the muscles of the forearm.

Use selenium as a trial for essential tremor. One woman had had a head tremor for four years, growing worse, when she began taking selenium. Within two weeks she was completely cured.

Ginkgo, ginseng, and skullcap should all be used as a trial for two months in essential tremor. Other supplements useful in essential tremor include the following:

  • Co-Q10, 300 milligrams per day, for six weeks
  • Licorice root tea, four cups per day
  • Magnesium, 400-800 milligrams per day
  • Calcium, 600-1500 milligrams per day
  • Barley green, two tablespoons per day

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