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Angina Pectoris

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D. Preventive MedicineAngina pectoris is the name of chest pain due to some malfunctioning of the heart, and is usually called…


G - Golden SUNSHINE = 20-60 minutes daily O - Outdoor AIR = breathe deeply D - Daily EXERCISE = progressive, walking, cycling,…

Questions on Estrogen and Progesterone

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D. Preventive Medicine What exactly is natural progesterone and how does it differ from synthetic progesterone? Natural…

Women’s Disorders

FIBROCYSTIC BREAST DISEASE Wear cotton bras. (One patient saw benefit in one month.) Use no coffee or its relatives - chocolate, tea, colas, or…

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Uchee Pines News

Emphasis Your Health – April 2014

*OCI Leadership Retreat *President’s Message - Take time to be holy *A Day in the Life of an LC *Recipe - Waffles *The Bottom Line - Live to be 100

Emphasis Your Health – March 2014

*laughing medicine *President’s Message - All things work together... *Series of Providences - Looking back at the fire *Maccaroni and Cheese - An old favorite *The Bottom Line - Live to be 100

Series of Providences — Looking Back at the Fire

Years ago a white-haired member of the Uchee Pines staff said, “As we approach the end of time, we will find that our lives become one…

John Lomacang – March 2014 Seminar Speaker

Every March and September Uchee Pines hosts the Simple Remedies & Preventive Medicine Seminar. The seminar is designed to teach and equip…

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